USL Life



The idea for a Newsletter covering Upton St Leonards ( USL ) Village came from a discussion at a Parish Council Meeting in September 2013 following which a Working Group of volunteers from the Village was established to look at the feasibility of starting such an enterprise. As a result of the working group’s hard work and commitment, the newsletter was established, and the first issue published in September 2014.

In the early part of 2014, the Church made a decision to close down their monthly magazine “Church News” and join with USL life – hence the full title “Upton St Leonards Life incorporating Church News”. This decision was appreciated by the working group and has provided a stronger platform to start from. One example is that almost all of the existing Church News Delivery Team agreed to continue their efforts for this new combined newsletter. We have also inherited their advertiser contacts, and though we charge quite a bit more for advertisements, many Church News advertisers have opted to stay with us.

This monthly Newsletter (USL Life) is delivered free to every household in Upton St Leonards and provides a means of communication that will connect people with information, services, activities and events. It is hoped that a better informed community will, as a minimum, lead to an increased use of the many clubs, organisations and activities on offer in the village and help sustain them for the future.

Copies are placed in the Church, Post Office, BMI Club, the School and local hotels so that people coming into USL to attend clubs, societies, organisations and various activities will be up to date with what’s on offer in USL.

We are organised as a limited company, USL Life CIC (Community Interest Company). CIC is a type of company designed for non profit making community based enterprises. This brings with it a formal constitution which encourages participation from people in the village and an annual AGM so that its activities and performance are transparent and local people get an opportunity to influence their newsletter



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