Parish Council

A short introduction by our Chair of Parish Council

What do we do:

 In short we look after the village and try to
keep it in good order. There are areas where we are
responsible for grass cutting, we maintain the Recreation
Ground and Glebe Field, the Village Green and run the two
allotments areas. We recently fully refurbished the children’s
play area at the Recreation Ground. We liaise with the
District and County Councils on numerous matters, often
raised by your good selves. Through the support of USCAN
we maintain Cud Hill Common and public footpaths and were
responsible for providing the bus shelters in recent years.
We have a paid Clerk to the Council who is the responsible
Officer. He maintains the accounts, carries out all
correspondence on behalf of the Councillors and officiates
at Council meetings. He has an office at the Village Hall and
and manages the website which was been commissioned by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council has invested in a defibrillator for the Village
which can be used in the event of cardiac arrest to resuscitate
someone. It has been installed on the wall next to the Village
Hall doors.

The Council itself operates through
several sub-committees: Recreation,
Environment, Finance and Planning.
On the subject of planning, all planning applications made by
householders or developers come first to the Parish Council for
their comments which are sent to Stroud District Council
Planning Department, which is responsible for making the final
decisions on acceptance or refusal.